Sunday, September 28, 2008


ugh! sometimes my mom makes me sooooooooooo mad! i mean im old enough to buy a nice slightly over sized bag! but NOOOO.. ur way to young those bags are for older girls! ughhhhh! i hate it when this happens im like hello ok u should go see kids at my school and see what they carry and wht they wear! im not even kidding! the purse was on sale to!! a bug sale!! UGH!!! im soooooooooooo angrry right now! and the purse matched sooo many of my clothes~! and im no im sounding like a brat right now but im not. its just my mom always treates me lieke a little kid! shes OVERLY protective and more! it just makes me so mad! i have no freedom whats so ever! and everything is to "old" for me! i mean i love my mom to death but sometimes i wish i was never born.....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mean Girls.

ugh. seriously. why do people have to be so mean!!!!! we had a problem and now its over.but no they have to keep it going. im not even kidding. it really bothers me! shes just a mean person. and she makes everyone become like her! why does she have to be like that! one day shes ok and we have a convo. next day shes back to being an evil annoying bit---...... UGH! i hate her i just wish she would disapear. i dont understand how anyone wuld ever consider her a friends:( the probelem is shes the one who started the whole fight in the first place. she hears some rumors that i called her a bit---. and she comes attacking me! i mean i didnet even call her anything! shes so mean. and i just cant handle her! shes pissing me off. and so many people who were nice to me last year are getting much meaner after hanging out with her. but i have to admit im afriad. me and my friends are afraid. i wanna tell the princelble but i no shes gonna find out its me. and shes the type of girl that will start a physacal fight over the smallest thing! and i dont wanna get into that.. i mean it almost became physical with me and her over something that i never did but this time she would no for sure that i did it... shes horrible. she thinks she cool but shes not.. she doesnt no how many people actually hate her...she thinks shes hot. but seriosuly shes not even pretty! she makes fun of people for reasons that are not nessecery. she makes fun of people clothes just beacausetheyre not name brand! i mean she cant even afford name brand i no that for a fact! yet she probebly makesher parents but them for her! oh and did i mention she steels! yea she does.. a lot of things......but she only steels clothees.. at least from what i have heard! FROM HER!! yes thats right she thinks its cool to steal she always bragges about how she stole that jacket from blah blah blah blah ...UGH JUST DIE PLEASE! im sorry but i hate her so much!